Pre-Season 2020

2020 Senior & Reserve preseason training takes place on Monday & Wednesday nights, starting at 6pm.

Monday's will be at Bungaree and Wednesday's at various locations around Ballarat. Please contact the coaches if you are unsure about where training will be taking place.

Everyone welcome!

Training will revert back to the traditional Tuesday and Thursday nights prior to the commencement of the 2020 Season.

Senior Coach - Ryan Waight - 0438 873 788

2017 pre-season training

As a club we need to work together to continue to improve, the competition standard will heighten again in 2020 with some quality recruits heading to the CHFL, making it harder to climb the ladder. We cannot be satisfied with 2019 and should be hungry to better ourselves as a group and as individuals. Work hard and focus on what WE can do to be better rather than what others are doing.

Out of town players who cannot commit to training on a regular basis due to work/family/travel commitments must ensure they are fit and up to speed with our game plan (regular contact with coaching staff). Although coaches are flexible we as a club expect each player to be fit, understand their role and be ready to perform that role each Saturday 100%. This will be up to the individual to keep themselves informed and prepared for each weeks challenge.

Be fit, ready and know your role within the team!


Sprints up a steep hill between 30-50mt. Try and alternate from short bursts with minimal recovery to longer inclines and a sustained speed. Jog at 60-80% to and from hills aiming to get 3-6km in each run.


Again, mix and match as much as you can below is a good start but a simple 30sec on 30 off lowering the recovery to 10sec then building back up would be fine. Aim for between 15-30min sessions.


Start short with longer recovery periods and gradually cut the recovery periods as your fitness improves.

A good basic program:

0-jogging @60%

3min-1min @100%

7min-30sec@ 100%






17: 30-10sec@100%

18: 30-10sec@100%



Ensure you have the touch that you need to perform each week. This will differ for each individual but it’s crucial you are consistent with your skill. Turnovers lose games